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Li, Cindy cli at ocadu.ca
Tue Feb 9 14:31:54 UTC 2016

Hi Antonio,

If I didn’t get it wrong from the new video, it seems you have both “demo.prefsEditor.progressiveEnhancement” and “demo.prefsEditor.progressiveEnhancementLang” components defined. This is un-necessary.

Since your code is based on the infusion demo code for “prefsFramework”. Can you let me know how that demo code works without having the new code changes? Do you see the same error or the blank panel? If no error at that point, gradually add in the new code changes and let me know at what point the error was triggered.

I wonder if you could push up the code somewhere, such as github.com<http://github.com>, so I can have a look?



On Feb 8, 2016, at 2:55 PM, Antonio jose paternina cardenas <apaterninajc at gmail.com<mailto:apaterninajc at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hello team , I am implementing a moodle textToSpeed ​​but I have a bug in it. attached a link to a video where I show the sequence of error. it would be great that could help me with that.

thank you very much


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