[Infusion-users] FSS columns

Anthony Colebourne anthony at acolebourne.co.uk
Wed May 4 14:13:24 UTC 2011


Many thanks for you help.

I'm a uPortal user and looking into their css I can see the following;

/* Removes padding and margin compensations for padding. */
.fl-col-mixed .fl-col-flex-left {margin-left:200px;}
.fl-col-mixed .fl-col-flex-right {margin-right:200px;}
.fl-col-mixed-100 .fl-col-flex-left {margin-left:100px;}
.fl-col-mixed-100 .fl-col-flex-right {margin-right:100px;}
.fl-col-mixed-150 .fl-col-flex-left {margin-left:150px;}
.fl-col-mixed-150 .fl-col-flex-right {margin-right:150px;}
.fl-col-mixed-200 .fl-col-flex-left {margin-left:200px;}
.fl-col-mixed-200 .fl-col-flex-right {margin-right:200px;}
.fl-col-mixed-250 .fl-col-flex-left {margin-left:250px;}
.fl-col-mixed-250 .fl-col-flex-right {margin-right:250px;}
.fl-col-mixed-300 .fl-col-flex-left {margin-left:300px;}
.fl-col-mixed-300 .fl-col-flex-right {margin-right:300px;}

I'm not sure which you would consider the better solution? However I'm 
just experimenting and do not need a production quality solution at this 

Thanks again,


On 04/05/11 14:13, Cheetham, Anastasia wrote:
> On 2011-05-04, at 6:35 AM, Anthony Colebourne wrote:
>> I need one fixed-width column on the right and one
>> flexible-width column.
> Anthony, I've played with this a bit more, and I'm realizing that our column classes aren't currently suited to right-side columns. The solution I proposed doesn't actually work properly.
> I'm going to file a request to add proper support for right-side sidebars, but in the meantime, you could extend the FSS with the following classes:
> .fl-col-mixed-right-200 .fl-col-fixed {width:200px;}
> .fl-col-mixed-right-200 .fl-col-flex {margin-right:220px;}
> (adjust the number to whatever width you'd like for your fixed-width column)
> Then, your markup would use "fl-col-mixed-right-200" instead of "fl-col-mixed-200" on the container div, and fl-force-right on the fixed-width column.
> Let me know if this works for you.

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