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Valles, Heidi hvalles at ocad.ca
Mon Jun 13 14:49:57 UTC 2011

hi Fatima,

You have UI Options working great, nice work.

To make the layout a bit more consistent when text-size has been adjusted, I can offer some general suggestions:
-use em instead of px for widths/heights: em is relative and px is fixed and you'll want these sizes to adjust depending on the font size
-avoid absolute positioning: try to make flexible layouts using % widths that size with content
-keep it simple and consistent: try to avoid using inline styles, keep css clean and straight-forward, avoid using html for styling (ex. using <br> and <div> tags for line spacing)

You can also try integrating FSS into your markup, as it's been created with these points in mind. Read more about it here: http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Fluid+Skinning+System+%28FSS%29


On 2011-06-10, at 11:48 AM, Fatima Hussain wrote:


I am very grateful for all the helpful suggestions that I have received from the group.

I have put some test code on our server and would love to hear some feedback and suggestions to make it better.

Our original website is:

I put the UI options on the first page and it looks something like this:

When the text size is changed, the labels are hidden partially. (Originally -ve margins were being used for formatting).

I tried fixing it in many ways, but I fail to get a consistently nice looking and well aligned layout for all text sizes. This was another attempt:

This is the basic layout of almost all of our pages with most of the content being displayed in the center white container.

I am wondering if using other fluid components would solve the alignment problem when the text size is changed or if it should be handled in some other way.

Thank you very much,
Best Regards,

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