[Infusion-users] Layout Reorderer, empty columns?

Colin Clark colinbdclark at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 23:10:44 UTC 2010

Hi Chris,

It's quite possible that you've found a big. So far, I'm having trouble reproducing what you're seeing, however.

As a test case, I modified the Layout Reorderer demo, adding a fourth column and removing all the modules from the two right-most columns so that they were empty. It worked--both empty columns were valid drop targets. I've included a screenshot of what I was seeing, as well as the markup, below.

To help us track this down, any chance you can send along some test markup that shows this issue? I'll be on vacation next week, but I'm sure someone else in the community will take a look for you.

Hope this helps,


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                <div class="myColumn fl-container-flex20 fl-force-left">
                    <h2>Column A</h2>
                    <div class="locked">Content Portal A1 (Locked)</div>
                    <div>Content Portal A2</div>
                    <div>Content Portal A3</div>
                    <div>Content Portal A4</div>
                <div class="myColumn fl-container-flex20 fl-force-left">
                    <h2>Column B</h2>
                    <div class="locked">Content Portal B1 (Locked)</div>
                    <div>Content Portal B2</div>
                    <div>Content Portal B3</div>
                    <div>Content Portal B4</div>
                <div class="myColumn fl-container-flex20 fl-force-left">
                    <h2>Column C</h2>
                <div class="myColumn fl-container-flex20 fl-force-left">
                    <h2>Column D</h2>


        fluid.reorderLayout ("#fluid-LayoutReorderer-sample2", {
            selectors: {
                columns: ".myColumn",
                modules: "> div > div",
                lockedModules: ".locked",
                dropWarning: ".flc-reorderer-dropWarning"

On 2010-07-27, at 6:02 PM, Chris Roby wrote:

> I'm working with the Layout Reorderer and I came across an issue I can't find documented in the API. The situation is this: I have a four column layout, with widgets being able to be dragged and dropped in any of the four columns. When the widgets are exclusively in columns 1 and 2, I can only drag into column 3, but not column 4, which doesn't appear as a drop zone. As soon as I drop a widget into column 3, I'm then able to drag/drop into column 4. 
> Is this a bug or a feature? Is there a way to get around this behavior, and allow a column to be empty with content in the columns on either side of it? Thanks for your help!

Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project

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