[Infusion-users] how do I use the reorderer with RSF?

Hedrick Charles hedrick at rutgers.edu
Sat Jul 10 00:23:47 UTC 2010

We're doing a project in RSF. I like RSF, but I find the state of its documentation a problem. The documentation seems to consistent almost entirely of examples, and if I can't find an example of what I want, I don't know how to proceed. I have a very simple list of items, which will be displayed one per line, probably in a table. The reorder list tutorial shows me how to reorder things like that on the screen. But of course that isn't very interesting. I need to get the results back into RSF. Can you give me either documentation or a simple example? I tried to make sense out of the Sakai page order tool, but there's too much else going on there. I can't see how the order actually gets back.

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