[Infusion-users] Hi (newbie here)

Evandro Pires Alves evandro at ipb.pt
Tue Jan 26 15:48:29 UTC 2010

Hi everyone

I'm a newbie using Infusion and I found very difficult to do a Sakai
tool with RSF and Infusion... In particularly I quit trying to figure
out how to apply a pager to a dynamic RSF generated table... I googled,
searched the wiki, read the documentation/API and so on...

Right now I'm doing the pager using my own AJAX implementation, because
I was expecting Infusion to simplify my work but it didn't.

My point with this is: is there a good tutorial on using Infusion with
RSF? Where? If not I'm willing to help build one If I was able to do
that task... which I can't.

Any comments? Please... :)

Thank you

Evandro P. Alves

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