[Infusion-users] Reorderer component persistence

MarcusT marcusjt at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 13:43:19 UTC 2010

Hi, I've just found your Fluid Demonstration Portal and think it shows great
promise, but I am surprised that your Reorderer demos don't include any
example of how to persist the reordered elements (and reapply a persisted
state), which is surely going to the most likely real-world use of the

I suggest that an inbuilt mechanism (shared between all reorderers) to
serialize the state of all reorderable items on the page to a string (which
can then be stored in a cookie, sent to a server, etc) should be added,
along with corresponding deserialize functionality (i.e. to process a
serialized string and set the state of all the reorderable items again). I
suggest JSON as a suitable string encoding mechanism, and ideally use of
this feature should require a unique ID for each reorderable element, but
one could argue that there might be some use in supporting non-ID'd elements
simply by following the natural order of the elements within the document
(but of course this will cause problems in many situations where the items
change position or number over time - i.e. server-side/dynamic output).

The demos should then be updated to showcase this new functionality by
including a button for "persist to cookie" (which store the serialized state
into a cookie, which would automatically be loaded and applied when you
reload the page to see the items in the same order you left them in), a
reset cookie button (for obvious reasons), and one more button "persist to
form" which would display the serialized string in a text field so that its
format can easily be viewed.

Finally, if you're not already hosting your library on GitHub then I suggest
that you consider doing so to make suggestions/issues/etc much easier to
submit and manage, as well as gaining greater visibility/recognition, making
it possible to "watch" for updates, encouraging forking, etc.

Best regards,
Marcus Tucker
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