[Infusion-users] Mobile FSS interface in Firefox 3.6

Mark McLaren mark.mclaren at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 10:35:14 UTC 2010


I encountered Fluid Infusion through working with uPortal.  I am
particularly interested in the mobile interface skinning that Infusion
facilitates.  I am a developer and Firefox user.  When I test
applications I tend to use Firefox and to test uPortal's mobile
interface I thought I could install user agent switcher and
impersonate an iPhone/Android device.  Firefox is not based on WebKit
so what I saw was initially somewhat disappointing to me.  For me it
was not intuitive that what I would see on a real iPhone would differ
from the Firefox rendering.

After some investigation, I now understand that Firefox 3.6 implements
quite a few of CSS 3 related features that WebKit browsers support.
So I thought that maybe the Infusion mobile CSS could be updated to
give a more iPhone/Android like experience for Firefox 3.6 users.
Firefox 3.6 supports rounded borders, CSS gradients and border image
mostly like WebKit does (WebKit does much with image manipulation that
Firefox cannot yet match).

I realise that Firefox 3.6 is not currently a mobile browser but with
the Fennec project it could be one day so it might be worth

Anyway as an experiment I have added some Firefox 3.6's CSS 3 to the
FSS Mobile demo, see link below, feedback welcome.




"Paradoxically, the more time saving abstractions you are using the
more you actually have to know." - Simon Willison

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