[Infusion-users] Accessible Checkbox Demo

michelle.dsouza at utoronto.ca michelle.dsouza at utoronto.ca
Thu Sep 24 12:41:23 UTC 2009

Hi there,

Thanks for your message. The JAWS issue you are seeing appears to be a  
bug in the HTML where there are two labels for the same checkbox and  
no label for one of the other checkboxes. I'm surprised that you only  
got JAWS to read 'Berg' however, I would have expected 'Schoenberg'  
and 'Stravinsky' to be read also since they appear to have the correct  
labels. What version of JAWS are you using?

You should be able to check and uncheck the checkboxes with your  
keyboard. Could you let us know what browser/OS you are using? I'd  
like to be able to recreate the issue you are seeing.

I've created a JIRA issue for the label problem:  
http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-3204 and we might be able  
to add it to the current bug parade that is happening for the upcoming  
Infusion release.


Quoting Jacki Bauer <mazzifer at gmail.com>:

> I was looking at the checkboxes on this page to check them for accessibility
> -
> http://fluidproject.org/releases/1.1.1/standalone-demos/keyboard-a11y/html/CheckboxExample.html
> Does anyone know how these are supposed to be accessible?  I cannot check or
> uncheck the boxes with my keyboard, and JAWS only reads one of the checkbox
> labels - Berg over and over again.  JAWS never announces that there is a
> form control or that it is a checkbox.  From my point of view, it is as
> inaccessible as any other AJAX site, which is really disappointing.

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