[Infusion-users] Multiple inline dropdown boxes?

michelle.dsouza at utoronto.ca michelle.dsouza at utoronto.ca
Tue Sep 15 14:43:55 UTC 2009

Hi Jeremy,

My response is below.

>>> I'm having some trouble using fluid to render many inline dropdown
>>> boxes. I can use the normal method to get a single dropdown:
>>>    fluid.inlineEdit.dropdown("#draftOrder");

As you've already discovered, this function will only work for a  
single dropdown inline edit.

>>> But I can't seem to use the ".flc-inlineEditable" class like (I
>>> think) you're supposed to be able to do with normal text inline edits:
>>>    fluid.inlineEdits("#draftOrder");

This is the correct function to use for multiple dropdown inline  
edits. The default configuration for 'inlineEdits' creates a simple  
text inline edit - that is why you are seeing strange behaviour. In  
order to create multiple drowdown inline edits, you need to pass in  
some options. Your code may look something like this:

             fluid.inlineEdits("#draftOrder", {
                 applyEditPadding: false,
                 editModeRenderer: fluid.inlineEdit.dropdown.editModeRenderer

>>> Is it possible to do something equivalent to:
>>>    fluid.inlineEdits.dropdown("#draftOrder");

We don't have this functionality yet but we are planning to revisit  
the API and behaviour of 'inlineEdits'.

Hope this helps,


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