[Infusion-users] Broken demo: Layout Reorderer

Colin Clark colinbdclark at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 21:44:34 UTC 2009

Hi Mike,

Great to hear from you! I think I can help with the Reorderer issues  
you're encountering. Comments below.

On 21-Oct-09, at 5:01 PM, Michael S Elledge wrote:
> It seems like the Layout Reorderer (as well as the Image Reorderer  
> and Grid Reorderer) isn't working properly. I'm unable to put focus  
> on the content portals. I've tried the arrow keys plus control and  
> the space bar but neither has worked.

With the virtual cursor off, I can successfully focus each of the  
content portal, navigate around them, and move them. Focus them by  
tabbing into the Reorderer container and then use your arrow keys.

I'm using JAWS 10 with Firefox 3.5. Can you provide me with some more  
information about your environment and how you're trying to use the  
demo so I can reproduce the issue you're seeing?

As a side note, I'd like to add "application" ARIA roles to our demos,  
enabling some recent screen readers to automatically switch cursor  
modes. This is something we'll try to add for the next release.


> Here are the issues I found with the Image Reorderer and Grid  
> Reorderer:
> Image Reorderer: Images move with left or right arrows plus control,  
> but not with the up or down arrows. Instead the left-top image  
> (dragonfruit) opens in a new window (for JAWS 9.0; focus just moves  
> to top or bottom object with JAWS 10).

The Control + Up/Down key commands are already in use by JAWS. Other  
assistive technologies do support them. In order to accommodate the  
dizzyingly complex range of keyboard shortcuts used by ATs, the  
Reorderer supports multiple key bindings.

Out of the box, all flavours of the Reorderer support the following  
key bindings by default:

Move up: CTRL + i or CTRL + up arrow
Move down: CTRL + m or CTRL + down arrow
Move left: CTRL + j or CTRL + left arrow
Move right: CTRL + k or CTRL + right arrow

Developers and implementers can also add their own custom key  
combinations. I tested all of these with the virtual cursor off, and  
they seem to be working fine for me.

Unfortunately, it looks like the instructions to users about this  
feature somehow didn't make it into the shiny new Demo Portal. We used  
to have a clear instruction message (as well as hidden off screen  
instructions) for how to use the Reorderer with the keyboard. I've  
file a bug about this and we'll get those back in the next release.


I hope this helps,


Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project

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