[Infusion-users] Broken demo: Layout Reorderer

Michael S Elledge elledge at msu.edu
Wed Oct 21 21:01:16 UTC 2009

Hi Guys--

It seems like the Layout Reorderer (as well as the Image Reorderer and 
Grid Reorderer) isn't working properly. I'm unable to put focus on the 
content portals. I've tried the arrow keys plus control and the space 
bar but neither has worked.

Here are the issues I found with the Image Reorderer and Grid Reorderer:

Image Reorderer: Images move with left or right arrows plus control, but 
not with the up or down arrows. Instead the left-top image (dragonfruit) 
opens in a new window (for JAWS 9.0; focus just moves to top or bottom 
object with JAWS 10).

Grid Reorderer: Same issue, although instead of opening a new window, 
pressing the up arrow moves focus to the topleft box. Pressing the down 
arrow causes focus to move vertically up and down several times then 
settle in bottom left box.

I've tried this with the virtual cursor on and off, and with JAWS 9.0 
and JAWS 10.0 using Firefox 3.

Best regards,


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