[Infusion-users] Inline Select Component Questions

a.cheetham at utoronto.ca a.cheetham at utoronto.ca
Wed Oct 7 13:33:01 UTC 2009

Jen Bourey <jennifer.bourey at gmail.com> wrote:

> ...the inline select component The other thing I'd noticed is that  
> while the arrow keys successfully move
> through the select list, typing a letter doesn't seem to have an effect.

Jen, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

This seems to be a weakness in the jQuery selectbox plug-in that we're  
using. There is an update to the plug-in, so we'll check if that  
addresses the issue. Otherwise, we'll work on that ourselves - I agree  
that it's a very desirable functionality.

> I also found the fact that the "selected" value sort of visually
> looks selected but the arrow keys scroll down from the first item to be
> confusing.

Good point - I agree, it's not "proper" behaviour. I'll file JIRAs for  
these issues.

> I know this component is still really early on in its development cycle, so
> please don't take any of the above as complaints :)  On the whole, it looks
> like it's shaping up to be a really nice component and I'm definitely
> looking forward to using it!

I expect to be working on this component in the next month or two, so  
keep your eye open for updates! :-)

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