[Infusion-users] Inline Select Component Questions

Jen Bourey jennifer.bourey at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 01:43:52 UTC 2009

Hi there,

I had a couple questions about the inline select component that I was hoping
someone might be able to answer (like, after your release, or something -
not today!).

The first questions I have are about the "selectbox" dependency:  It looks
like the jQuery selectbox plugin javascript file is in the infusion
checkout, but isn't added into the Fluid infusion file.  I wasn't sure if it
was supposed to be there or if it might be included in the future.  More
concerningly, when I did try to import it into my page, I discovered that it
doesn't cleanly namespace its references to the jQuery variable.  As a
result, it doesn't work in a page which uses jQuery.noConflict(true) (like
uPortal does).  Is that an issue that's already documented?

The other thing I'd noticed is that while the arrow keys successfully move
through the select list, typing a letter doesn't seem to have an effect.  In
a long list like an enumeration of state or countries or something, I
frequently find the default HTML select element's behavior useful, and I
think I'd miss that in a select component.  (Yes, I sometimes think of
myself as living in CCC).  Is that something that might be added in the
future?  I also found the fact that the "selected" value sort of visually
looks selected but the arrow keys scroll down from the first item to be

I know this component is still really early on in its development cycle, so
please don't take any of the above as complaints :)  On the whole, it looks
like it's shaping up to be a really nice component and I'm definitely
looking forward to using it!

- Jen

Jen Bourey
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