[Infusion-users] Quesion on File Uploader from Infusion 1.1.2

Justin Obara obara.justin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 19:27:57 UTC 2009

Hi Cindy,

Are you able to run the demo from inside your checkout of 1.1.2? It should be located in src/webapp/demos/uploader/html/uploader.html

- Justin

On 2009-11-24, at 11:24 AM, Cindy Qi Li wrote:

> Hi,
> The multi-file uploader stops working after I upgraded our infusion library from 1.1.0 to 1.1.2. "Browse Files" button no longer gives me the popup file selection box and no javascript error is reported from firebug.
> So, I grabbed the file uploader demo, saved into a test html, modified a bit to point to my local infusoin 1.1.2 library, still, it doesn't work at both firefox and IE explorer. Can someone help me to see what I missed out? Thanks.
> The demo I get the code from:
> http://fluidproject.org/releases/1.1.2/demos/uploader/demo.html#normal
> Attached is my test script.
> Cindy from ATutor team
> <test.html>_______________________________________________
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