[Infusion-users] Layout Reorderer: afterMoveCallbackUrl compatible afterMove function?

Antranig Basman Antranig.Basman at colorado.edu
Sun Nov 22 23:59:33 UTC 2009

>> Thanks for bringing this unhappiness in the design of the Reorderer to 
>> our attention - it was (re)written at a time when our general 
>> understanding of how to do these things was not quite complete... we 
>> will try to fix things up in the next release (or perhaps the one 
>> following - we will have a lot of rewrites to do once our new IoC 
>> framework is ready) so that it has a well-defined "model" sitting at 
>> top-level inside its "that" like every decent component should.
> I don't know where I implied I was unhappy with the design (though I'm
> glad it's being actively maintained)... I just needed a little more
> documentation for writing that handler.
> Anyhow, Thanks Again! :)

Sorry, just my vague English - I was meaning to imply that the 
implementation itself was unhappy, rather than that there was any 
particular exteriour dissatisfaction with it :P
All the same, it could be more regular... the odd issue with the 
Reorderer is that its model contract is not quite so "clear" as that for 
some other components, since for example it is not perfectly clear how 
the implementor might want to represent the "value" of an individual 
element... and secondarily, whether we would want to support a "model 
modification contract" such that a successful modification at the model 
level would actually lead to the DOM elements swizzing round. That might 
be desirable from the consistency point of view but it is unclear 
whether the effort spent implementing it would be worthwhile.

Glad I could help,

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