[Infusion-users] fluid infusion: dropdown inline edit & multiline inline edit

Christian Vuerings vueringschristian at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 09:51:53 UTC 2009

We, at Sakai are currently using the "Simple Text Inline Edit"  
component on our Sakai3 profile pages.
And we have some questions about the Inline Edit components in general:

1) What is the plan for the "Dropdown Inline Edit" component, when do  
you think it is going from the "Sneak peek" status to the "Preview"  

2) Is it possible to have a multiline inline edit, without the "Rich  
Text" functionality? (For now we use our own script to make the  
multiline edit work (without richtext) )

3) Some users where complaining about the fact that when we use the  
"Simple Text Inline Edit" component and they use the tab key for  
navigating to each editable item. They first need to press the enter  
key before they can edit the content. Is there any reason why you did  
it this way and are we able to change this behaviour? e.g. If you  
start typing and the editable field has the focus, you are can enter  

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