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Justin justin.obara at utoronto.ca
Mon Jul 27 14:27:51 UTC 2009


We have done some more investigation about your issue with the  
advanced themed tinyMCE editor opening and closing right away.

It seems that there was a bug in there as well, ( http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-3054 
  ). This has now been addressed in trunk and will be included in the  
1.2 release of infusion. We are also planning a 1.1.1 release that  
should also include this bug fix, and is scheduled to be released  
around August 13.

Basically, it seems that the tinyMCE editor needs to be primed, before  
hand, with the theme that it will be used with. Previously we had only  
done this for the simple theme, we now do this with the theme  
specified by the user.

We have also updated our example page to have tinyMCE editors with  
advanced and simple themes.

Hope that helps.


On 17-Jul-09, at 11:06 AM, Shashank Agrawal wrote:

> Hello Justin,
> First of all, thanks for the prompt response.
> Marking up ahead of time and using multiple inline edits is a good  
> option. I considered it when I began coding. I took a different  
> route (initializing edit field during a click event) because,  
> finally, we want almost every element(para/image/heading) on a  
> webpage to be editable. Do you think multiple inline edits will  
> serve equally well?
> Yes, re-initializing the inline edit field when the same paragraph  
> is chosen for editing is wasteful. I could do away with unwrapping  
> on the client.
> Regards,
> Shashank.
> 2009/7/15 Justin <justin.obara at utoronto.ca>
> Hello,
> I have started to take a look at the issue that you are having.
> The problem may be stemming from the way it seems to be manipulating  
> the DOM and initializing the inline edit field during a click event.
> Along with this it seems that you are re-initializing the inline  
> edit field on each click event, which may end up decreasing  
> performance on the client side.
> Would you be able to set up the markup and initialize the component  
> ahead of time?
> If you take a look at the quick start example that we have, you'll  
> notice that we also have multiple rich text inline edit fields. You  
> can look at this as one example of initializing multiple rich text  
> inline edit fields on a single page.
> http://build.fluidproject.org/infusion/standalone-demos/quick-start-examples/inlineEdit/html/InlineEdit.html
> The code for this can be seen here:
> http://source.fluidproject.org/svn/fluid/infusion/trunk/src/webapp/standalone-demos/quick-start-examples/inlineEdit/js/InlineEdit-example.js
> I hope this helps.
> Also, about the mailing list. I have also cc'd the Infusion-users  
> mailing list.  We are happy to answer questions posted to fluid-work  
> listed, but you may find broader support from the community as a  
> whole on the Infusion-users list.
> Thanks
> Justin
> On 14-Jul-09, at 12:59 AM, Shashank Agrawal wrote:
>> Hello,
>> As a GSoC participant, I am working with Sakai on the Rich Text  
>> Inline Edit Project and I am using Fluid API. An initial  
>> implementation of the project is available here and the javascript  
>> is here. It is working all right. (If you stay for a while on a  
>> paragraph, an edit button will appear in a corner. Clicking on the  
>> edit button will open the para in an edit box).
>> I am facing some problems with the next implementation which is  
>> here and the javascript is here. We have removed the edit button.  
>> Staying on a paragraph for a while will highlight it and clicking  
>> on it will make it editable. I have switched to advanced theme for  
>> tinyMCE. Save/Cancel buttons are part of the toolbar itself. For  
>> the first time when a para is selected for editing, the editor  
>> appears and disappears. I have to click a couple of times to get it  
>> back. Once the first para is saved/cancelled, things start working  
>> nicely. When we choose another para, the editor opens and stays.
>> I have spent quite some time try to figure out the problem. Any  
>> help would be of great value. (Apologies if I am not mailing my  
>> issue to the right mailing list.)
>> Regards,
>> Shashank Agrawal.
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>> Computer Science and Engineering,
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> Senior Undergraduate,
> Computer Science and Engineering,
> International Institute of Information Technology - Hyderabad.
> Homepage: http://web.iiit.ac.in/~sagrawal/

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