[Infusion-users] renderer Ajax url resource question

Michelle D'Souza michelle.dsouza at utoronto.ca
Fri Jul 17 17:35:29 UTC 2009

Hi Gary,

Are you using the site_setting_members.js example as a starting point  
for your Pager? This example uses fluid.fetchResources to get the data  
model. This is not a requirement of the Pager component - you can get  
your data any way that you'd like such as by having it load on page  
load or through using jQuery's ajax support: http://docs.jquery.com/ 
Ajax. You can then specify the data model to the Pager through the  
'dataModel' option. The Pager API docs are here: http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Pager+API

The API of the Pager is still in development and is being improved  
upon. Currently, if you need to change the dataModel dynamically, you  
have to do a little work to get the component to respond  
appropriately. To dynamically change the dataModel, you can set  
'options.dataModel' to the new model and then fire an 'onModelChanged'  

If you have your code available somewhere and could point me to it  
perhaps I can be of more help.


On 16-Jul-09, at 10:44 AM, Maxwell, Gary wrote:

> I am new to using the Fluid project and have a question about the  
> optional Ajax call that can be made through the URL defined within  
> the resources. I am currently implementing the Fluid pager through  
> the data driven renderer. The  URL that is used for the Ajax call,  
> is defined within the resources and is then passed to the  
> initialization of the pager. I want to be able to pass parameters  
> into this URL and make new requests for data depending upon   
> selections made by the user. What  methods need to be called in  
> order that parameters could be passed to the URL and what calls need  
> to be made to make this new ajax requests?
> Thanks!
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