[Infusion-users] Getting the order of a Movables group?

Kevin Wilkinson UCI kwilkins at uci.edu
Fri Jul 10 22:25:46 UTC 2009

Hey ya'll, new to project Fluid.  So, previously I had built a task list
using Jquery's sortables.  When I found Fluid I decided I wanted to make the
change since it's better navigated using the keyboard and such.  While I
have the task list properly implementing movable, I need a way to get the
current order of the moveables once the user reorders them so I can save the
new order.  Now I have seen examples of other people having an "update"
button to save it, so I'm assuming there is a way to get the order, but they
don't share their source code.  I've been looking through the documentation
wiki and I can't make heads or tails of any method that would return the
current order.  So what is it?  Can I simply call on Jquery's old method I
was using(movable extends sortables)?  Or is there some other secret that
I'm missing?
Thanks for the help!
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