[Infusion-users] Unbounded Scrolling when Dragging Movables

Daniel McCallum dmccallum at unicon.net
Mon Dec 7 22:38:03 UTC 2009


We're using fluid.reorderList for drag-n-drop reordering of table rows. QA is concerned, though, that grabbing a row and dragging its avatar outside the browser can result in a surprising experience; specifically, they object to infinite horizontal scrolling when the avatar is dragged beyond the right edge of the browser.

I see the same unbounded scrolling behavior in uPortal's drag-n-drop layout management.

I looked through the API docs in the wiki and didn't find a concept of a bounding container for limiting scroll-on-drag behaviors. In Jira, I found http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-118 in which Antranig seems to declare the problem intractable. I also found http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-1287, but that ticket has no direct discussion yet.

It _seems_ like what QA would like is behavior similar to options described by http://jqueryui.com/demos/draggable/#constrain-movement . Perhaps I'm just blind to similar configuration options for the Fluid list reorderer?

Thank you.

- Dan

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