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Avtar Gill agill at
Tue Jun 6 18:55:35 UTC 2023

Hi all,

The previously mentioned Atlassian Cloud migration is now complete. You will need to create a new password in order to continue using your account; please use the following steps:

- Visit
- Enter the same email address associated with your previous and accounts
- Check your email account for an Atlassian verification email
- Click the 'Verify your email' button in the email
- You will be taken to
- Enter a new password
- Click the 'Sign up' button

While we have URL redirects in place to ensure existing links are not broken, please make sure to update any existing bookmarks you might have and use the new URLs going forward:

Fluid wiki:
Fluid JIRA:



From: Avtar Gill
Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2023 5:40 PM
To: fluid-work at
Subject: Maintenance window for and

Hi all,

TL;DR: We’re moving our JIRA and Confluence sites. and will be in read-only maintenance modes from May 30 till June 6. During that time, you'll be asked to change your passwords for these sites in a follow-up email.

This email is to inform you of upcoming changes to the and sites. If you have an account on these sites, then the changes described in this email will affect your usage.

Both these sites have been using software provided by Atlassian for several years. Atlassian have announced their intention of deprecating self-hosted options, offering only their cloud services moving forward. This means all accounts and content will need to be migrated from the IDRC servers to Atlassian's cloud.

The migration will take place from May 30 till June 6. During this time, the sites will be placed in read-only mode. This is to ensure no data loss occurs during this process.

A side effect of the migration is that URLs for wiki pages and issues will change. We will make sure there are workarounds in place to redirect existing URLs to new ones.

A follow-up email will be sent during the migration, asking everyone to change their passwords on the new sites and listing the new URLs that should be used going forward.

If you know of anyone who isn't subscribed to this list, and their work might be impacted by this migration, then please forward this email to them.



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