Code Freeze for Infusion 3.0

Justin Obara obara.justin at
Tue Sep 7 12:16:59 UTC 2021

Now that Infusion 3.0 has been released and we’ve updated the repo to be ready for Infusion 4.0 work, the repository is officially unfrozen.


> On Jun 24, 2021, at 1:02 PM, Justin Obara <obara.justin at> wrote:
> We’re beginning the process of publishing an Infusion 3.0 release. We have been putting out many dev releases as we’ve been working towards an Infusion 3.0 release; which many have already been using in their projects. We’ve recently split off a portion of that work to be part of a future Infusion 4.0 release ( <> ). 
> At this point we’re ready to start the process of testing what is in main, with the hope of putting out an Infusion 3.0 release shortly. Please consider the main branch of the Infusion repo <> to be frozen, until a release is cut.  Only changes related to any potential blockers, and release tasks will be accepted for merging.
> If you have some spare cycles, please do help with the testing tasks <>.
> Thanks
> Justin

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