Preview upcoming styling changes and fixes to the Inclusive Design Guide website

Jonathan Hung jhung at
Wed Oct 27 15:21:19 UTC 2021

Hello everyone,

I would like to share with the community a preview of some up coming changes to the Inclusive Design Guide website. These changes help modernize the styling (especially for mobile and smaller devices), and fixes bugs.

These changes are being tracked with this Github Pull Request<>. Notable changes and fixes:

  *   Improved mobile menu behaviour (no longer using jQuery UI Menu)
  *   Language selector is now a menu
  *   UI Options, header, and footer now span available screen width to help better frame the main content
  *   Improved styles for contrast themes
  *   Improved text size and use of space for mobile screens
  *   Simplified CSS (no more Foundation)

You can visit Inclusive Design Guide preview<> to experience these changes. You can also compare the preview to the current (original) website<> for a better understanding of the changes.

Please take some time to check out these changes and to give any feedback related to this work. We hope to put these improvements onto the live site at the end of next week (November 5).



Jonathan Hung, Inclusive Design Collaborator / Researcher
Email: jhung at<mailto:jhung at>
OCAD University
Inclusive Design Research Centre

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