Sub-task fields displayed in JIRA.

Tony Atkins tony at
Tue Oct 26 14:19:52 UTC 2021

Hi, All.

As it would help us on the C2LC team and I haven't heard any objections, I
plan to add the issue key to the sub-tasks table (and hide the sub-task
icons) tomorrow.  If you're just catching up, there's still time to say



On Tue, 19 Oct 2021 at 17:05, Tony Atkins <tony at> wrote:

> Hi, All.
> In our recent usage of sub-tasks on our shared JIRA instance
> <>, we have been lamenting the lack of an
> issue key when viewing the sub-tasks of an issue, as illustrated here:
> [image: Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 16.38.23.png]
> (To see the table in context, check out the issue itself
> <>.). The fields displayed
> in the sub-task table are configured with an advanced configuration option
> <>.
> However, this setting applies to all issues in the whole instance, which is
> why I wanted to discuss with the wider community.
> Of the fields displayed in the screenshot, only the title is implicit and
> always there.  The other fields are configurable, currently we display the
> issue type (icon), status, assignee, and progress are displayed.
> We would like to add the issue key (e.g. C2LC-399) to the list of fields.
> If possible, I will try to add this at the beginning of the column.  I
> would also argue that since all sub-tasks are the same issue type, we could
> also easily live without the issue type icon.
> Please give this some thought and reply to this note with your comments
> and/or questions.  If there are strong opinions about the presence (or
> order) of other fields, please comment as well.
> As this is a relatively small change and easily reversible, I will hold
> off on changing this until next Monday or a few days after the consensus
> seems to emerge, whichever comes last.
> Best,
> Tony
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