Sub-task fields displayed in JIRA.

Tony Atkins tony at
Tue Oct 19 15:05:13 UTC 2021

Hi, All.

In our recent usage of sub-tasks on our shared JIRA instance
<>, we have been lamenting the lack of an
issue key when viewing the sub-tasks of an issue, as illustrated here:

[image: Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 16.38.23.png]

(To see the table in context, check out the issue itself
<>.). The fields displayed
in the sub-task table are configured with an advanced configuration option
However, this setting applies to all issues in the whole instance, which is
why I wanted to discuss with the wider community.

Of the fields displayed in the screenshot, only the title is implicit and
always there.  The other fields are configurable, currently we display the
issue type (icon), status, assignee, and progress are displayed.

We would like to add the issue key (e.g. C2LC-399) to the list of fields.
If possible, I will try to add this at the beginning of the column.  I
would also argue that since all sub-tasks are the same issue type, we could
also easily live without the issue type icon.

Please give this some thought and reply to this note with your comments
and/or questions.  If there are strong opinions about the presence (or
order) of other fields, please comment as well.

As this is a relatively small change and easily reversible, I will hold off
on changing this until next Monday or a few days after the consensus seems
to emerge, whichever comes last.


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