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Wed Jan 13 10:30:32 UTC 2021

  Hi ,my name is  Allen.Y. I am a 2nd-year B.Tech student in CSE at College
Of     Engineering,Trivandrum,Kerala,India
         I have keen interest in coding and in contributing to open
source.I know programming    languages like C,Java , Python, Javascript,
HTML5 ,CSS, React, Django, Node, Kotlin.I have   been designing web pages
from the very beginning of my college year. I have worked as a web
development intern at Admere Selvyn Private Limited ,Jharkhand,India
I am familiar with all the technologies mentioned in your organisation. I
have read through all the guidelines and I have become very much interested
in contributing to your organisation.What are the initial steps that I
should follow i.e from where to start contributing and the procedures that
are to be familiarised for start contributing. I am very much excited
and interested in contributing  to your organisation.
                                                         Thank you in
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