Community Meeting ( August 17 ): Using LiveCode to go from prototype to app

Justin Obara obara.justin at
Thu Aug 12 11:48:10 UTC 2021

At the upcoming Community Meeting <> ( August 17, 2021 ), Martin Koob will be talking about LiveCode.


This will be an interactive, hands on workshop where you will learn how to use LiveCode <>, an open source IDE,  to prototype an interface, add code to the interface components and build an app that you could deploy on multiple platforms. Be ready to try a different paradigm using an easy to understand English like language and an IDE that lets you run your prototype/app as you build it. Download the IDE <> before the workshop if you want to follow along on your own Mac, Windows or Linux machine.

2:00 - 3:30pm ET

Remotely: Zoom <>

Please visit the Inclusive Design Critiques and Workshops <> wiki page, for more information including the schedule of upcoming events. 

Contributions are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License <> and follow the Fluid and Inclusive Design Community Code of Conduct <>. (Note: some demonstrated/presented or discussed software, hardware, research, tools and etc, may have their own license.)

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