Finding difficulties in Understanding the structure of the Infusion docs repository

Jenniline Ebai jennilineebai at
Sat Mar 28 08:27:53 UTC 2020

I have cloned and Forked the Infusion docs repo. And I have the Infusion
docs on my local machine. I am able to access it using the link
http://localhost:9778/ in my browser.

I am currently studying the Infusion docs repo so as to have an
understanding of the structure and the codebase. Also, so that I can
understand how to structure my proposal since  I am to use another static
/documentation site generator like Hugo or Gatsby.
Those are few of the ones I am currently researching on right now.

I am facing difficulties understanding the structure of the Infusion docs
I will like to know which files or branches are responsible for the
different components of the Infusion docs.

Please can anyone help me with a description of this?

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