Interested in applying for GSOC 2020

Jenniline Ebai jennilineebai at
Fri Mar 27 17:13:39 UTC 2020

Hi, I am Jenniline Ebai.
I am a Computer Engineering Student.
I am interested in applying for GSOC 2020.
I will like to work on the project "Refactor and Automate Infusion
I had my introduction and mentioned my interests already on the IRC Channel.
However, I believe I still have to make the introduction on the mailing
list as well.

I have read the project description.
I have already begun researching on the project and drafting a Solution.
I have interests in the project because it revolves around my skill set and
interests as well.
I am a developer and Technical writer with knowledge in HTML, CSS,
JavaScript for Frontend and PHP for Backend.
With my interests in Technical writing, I learned Markdown and markup

I will continue my research on the project and update the mentors.


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