Community Meeting ( Mar 18 ): Designing and Programming with Multiplicity

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Mon Mar 16 17:07:25 UTC 2020

At this week’s Community Meeting <> ( Mar 18, 2020 ) Philip Tchernavskij will be talking to us about Designing and Programming with Multiplicity.

Meeting Notes <,+2020):+Designing+and+Programming+with+Multiplicity>

I am going to present my doctoral research work, focusing primarily on the theories and methods I applied and appropriated. My thesis project was part of a larger grant-funded project to develop conceptual and technical models for software that help people better control the many devices, apps, and documents they deal with in our era of ubiquitous computing. Control is not just a mediated by software architecture, but also by the social and economic arrangements in which software is made and used. To study these interacting phenomena, I drew from the disciplines of infrastructural ethnography, cultural-historical activity theory, software engineering, and more. I'm going to discuss how these concepts were useful to me, how they might be useful to this community, and where I'm still struggling with them.

2:30 - 4:00pm ET

Remotely: Zoom <>

Do to closures related to COVID-19, the community meeting is currently only available for remote participation.

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