GSoC'20 : Using a Game Controller as a Navigation Aid

Nakul Tyagi nakul1tyagi at
Mon Mar 16 09:36:42 UTC 2020

 I am Nakul Tyagi an aspirant of GSOC 2020, currently a 3rd year BTech
student of Bharati Vidyapeeth's College Of Engineering . I am a Web
Developer and also loves developing games . I am interested to work on the
Gamepad Navigation Aid project during Inclusive Design Institute's GSoC'20

We face problem of using mouse in between games or videos many times which
really gets frustrating as it just breaks the rhythm of the player or the
viewer. Now with increasing gaming and streaming reach this problem needs
to be solved quickly to provide users a better experience .I would like to
help solving this problem as it is affecting a large group of community
members and users.

My 30 minutes of experience of browsing the web without a mouse can be
found here:

Technical Aspects and Solution,
1. During my analysis I experienced that navigating on a particular
application or site with a lot of content is tough , going to the content
directly really needs some hard work so it is better to use search bar if
available or using javascript we can add feature to access different
elements on page at a time.
2.Shortcuts for switching applications and tabs must be mapped with the
gamepad for easy navigation.
3.For easy and accurate search search by voice feature can help .
4. Voice to text feature can help in filling forms and other fields.

As far as my exploration goes till now we can use Gamepad API that allows
us to access the state of connected gamepads using JavaScript,with the help
of this these games can now be played on the web with the same gamepads
that are used for consoles.

The Chrome functionalities can be added using Chrome Extension -chrome.tabs
For mapping the keys to a gamepad we can use javascript in frontend to
handle the mapping and Gamepad.mapping feature of the Gamepad.

I hope you like my inputs and solutions. I am eagerly waiting for mentors
reviews and suggestions . I would really like to contribute to this
projects as it matches my skills set perfectly.

Nakul ;)
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