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Sat Mar 14 17:02:58 UTC 2020

Hi Sohail
As from what I  have been told by the  mentor, you  need  to get familiar
with browser navigation using only keyboard( i was told to write a small
write up on the experience I had with it)
additionally, you can think of ways on how you will be tackling those
problems using technologies available(probably chrome ex and electron
framework), also the project will majorly use
Infusion framework, so you need
to get familiar with it,

Tony (*the-t-in-rtf*)  is the mentor for this Project , you can get
connected to him through the IRC channel for more details -    Hostname:

                              Channel: #fluid-work

On Sat, Mar 14, 2020, 9:57 PM Mubashra Sohail <mubashrasohail.1 at>

> I am Mubashra Soahil from Pakistan. I am a 3rd-year engineering student.
> Apart from my college, I have done courses for web development and data
> structures and practice them.   I have worked on several projects in
> javaScript. Now, I want to contribute to open-source coding. I have a
> keen interest in the project "*Using a Game Controller as a Navigation
> Aid*".
> Could you please guide me on how to get started ?
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