GSoC 2020 Liblouis Table Editing GUI; A relevent project idea for consideration

Allen Adam alleneadam at
Sat Mar 14 07:04:26 UTC 2020

Dear Mentors,

I, Allen E Adam, am a second year BSc Mathematics student at Malabar
Christian College.
I have worked in the development of Advanced-Braille-Keyboard
<>, a proprietory
software aimed at the development
of active participation of the visually challenged in the socio-digital
I have also worked in the development of Accessible-Coconut
<!forum/accessible-coconut> which is a
free GNU/Linux based operating system for the visually challenged.

As you know Braille <> is a tactile
reading and writing system used by the visually impaired, It uses raised
dots to represent the letters of the print alphabet. It also includes
symbols to represent punctuation, mathematics and scientific characters.

We are working on many projects where braille to text translation is needed.

The Liblouis software suite <> is an open-source
braille translator, back-translator and formatter for a large number of
languages and braille codes. It is a set of libraries designed for use in
any of a number of applications.
It is written in C, so that it does not require a runtime environment and
hence can be used in applications written in high-level languages. it is by
far the most simple yet efficient brille translator suite available.

This has led to its use in numerous open-source and proprietary softwares,
such as NVDA <>, Orca
<>, BrailleBack
IBus-Braille <>(Available in
Debian repository), Advanced-Braille-Keyboard
<>, JAWS
<>, ViewPlus
<>, BrailleBlaster <>, Sao
Mai Braille <>, etc

All of the aforementioned projects, as well as new and aspiring projects,
in the field of accessibility, are all faced with the tedious, complicated,
and time-consuming burden of creating and editing Liblouis tables
are in need of a simplified User Interface for the same.
So, I would like to develop a Liblouis Table Editor GUI, which would
eliminate this inconvenience.

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