Regarding the original project

Ayush Shankar ayushshanker23 at
Thu Mar 12 11:56:40 UTC 2020

As days pass by I am lately observing that changes in the main floe/fluid
website do not have a priority right now.
As the project description says, main aim of the project is to migrate to a
modern static site generator and then make it accessible and have precise
definitions for manipulating the content.
On top of that,I have some Infusion changes/additions in my mind that may
be helpful
And yes any changes in the UI/UX or Infusion will be obviously considered
by me.
I just want you to review the infusion changes that are in my mind right
If you permit I will be emailing to this community the changes/additions
that are in my mind right now that can be added after the migration of
fluid/floe websites to the site generator.
Thanks in advance,
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