GSoC 2020 Update

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Tue Mar 10 20:30:09 UTC 2020

Welcome to all those who are joining the Inclusive Design Institute / Fluid Project community through Google Summer of Code 2020!

We've updated the project ideas page<> and we will be updating or closing some GitHub and Jira issues. Keep reading for details!
GSoC 2020 Wiki Page Updates
We've made some updates to our wiki page about GSoC, including important information about expectations, code of conduct, and how to contribute to our open source community. Please visit this page:

Please take note of the "Read about Inclusion<>" and "Read our Contribution Guidelines<>" sections.
What's next?
The next step for the program is the application period which runs from March 16th through 31st. Please use these remaining days to ask specific questions, do research, get to know the community, and write your proposals.
Tidying up issues
The interest in GSoC has resulted in many new issues and pull requests in project repositories. We'll be closing some of these issues to avoid confusion for newer participants who are looking to contribute. Some issues will also be tagged for further discussion as they may not relate to specific tasks related to GSoC 2020 projects.

For those of you who have created issues and pull requests, we thank you for your contribution.
Tidying up issues
As always, if you have any specific questions or comments about any of the topics in this update, you're more than welcome to share them here on the mailing list or in the IRC channel<>.

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