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Mon Mar 9 15:06:52 UTC 2020

Hi Sachin,

It looks like the call to fluid.uiOptions.prefsEditor <> is missing the tocMessage option. You can see an example in the uiOptions demo config <>. 

Also, where possible, please make sure to explain your comments in text. You can see in the reply that the images are stripped, and some other e-mail clients may do that on the initial message too. If you can provide line numbers and links directly to the code you are referring to, that would be preferred. Also your links should have meaningful names so that one could understand where they are going to lead to. The “this location” links in your e-mail could, in this case, could have just been the URLs written out. 


> On Mar 7, 2020, at 1:06 AM, SACHIN CHOPRA <schopra at> wrote:
> Hey Community,
> I was trying to solve Issue #131 <> in repo <>. On loading the website, the console throws the following 404 errors. 
> <image.png>
> Inspecting a little shows that the file path from which it is requesting the tableOfContents-enactor.json and tableOfContents-enactor_en.json is located at some other path. 
> <untitled.png>
> Instead of going to home:/framework/preferences/messages/... it should request data from home:/lib/infusion/src/framework/preferences/messages/... .
> The path is being generated by the infusion-custom.js file in the repo and the error is being thrown by the following lines of code as specified by Source Map of Dev tools. 
> <image.png>
> The path has been defined in implementors in infusion-custom.js.
> <Screenshot from 2020-03-07 11-23-43.png>
> <Screenshot from 2020-03-07 11-23-58.png>
> <Screenshot from 2020-03-07 11-24-16.png>
> <Screenshot from 2020-03-07 11-29-03.png>
> <Screenshot from 2020-03-07 11-29-22.png>
> I would be really grateful if someone could point me in the right direction for solving this problem. I am unable to figure out why infusion is missing out on the lib/infusion/src in the file path i.e. it is requesting data from tableOfContents-enactor.json file from this location <> when it should request it from this location <>. 
> Any help would be highly appreciated.
> Thanks and Regards
> Sachin
> @sachin10101998 or github
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