Queries regarding ""Migrate FLOE and Fluid project websites to Modern Static site generator" project

SACHIN CHOPRA schopra at mt.iitr.ac.in
Mon Mar 9 13:35:44 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

I was preparing a draft proposal for the project "Migrate FLOE and Fluid
project websites to Modern Static site generator" and had a few queries in
1) Currently, we neither have continuous integration and continuous
deployment feature for both websites nor a content management system.
2) The absence of a CMS makes the addition of new content or managing the
current content difficult. Whereas due to the absence of CI and CD, we have
to manually redeploy these sites after every commit which is troublesome.
For instance, #14 in fluid project website was merged 8 months ago but the
site hasn't been redeployed or rebuilt since then and hence changes aren't

Apart from migrating to a modern static site generator, we need to take
care of these features too for completion of this project.
The available options include using Netlify which provides both CI/CD and
CMS but isn't free. Alternate to this would be using Netlify-CMS(Open
source) as a Content management system and Jenkins (open source) as an
automation server for CI/CD. This can be done best by using Docker.
You stated that we are having private servers for running these websites,
so we can go with the latter option to save costs in the long run. However,
using Netlify would make this work really easy.

*1) Do you think using Netlify-CMS+Jenkins is a compatible and feasible
option for solving this issue?  Is there any better alternative than this
available out there?*

2) *Social Justice Repair Kit
<https://github.com/fluid-project/sojustrepairit.org> uses Netlify CMS
and Coding to Learn and Create Website
<https://github.com/codelearncreate/c2lc-website> uses Netlify.  Is there
any specific reason as to why we prefer using Netlify (which is paid) for
some projects and Netlify-CMS (which is open source) for other projects? *

*3) Should I focus on CI/CD in this project or is it exclusively meant for
migration to a static site generator and addition of automated processes
for content management?*

*4) Functionality for continuous development and automatic builds can be
added without hassle, cost, and Jenkins if we host these sites on gh-pages.
Should we migrate to gh-pages for hosting instead of using personal
servers? *

*5) Are there any missing functionalities or services which we should add
to the websites like comments? Is it a good idea to add such things in the
proposal or should I focus on migration to a Static Site Generator and
automating content management only?*

Waiting for reply
Thanks and Regards
Sachin Chopra
sachin10101998 on Github
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