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Mohit Kumar Verma yaimgr8 at
Tue Mar 3 05:33:36 UTC 2020

So, I browsed Web using the keyboard for half an hour. For me, it was
comforting as I use Linux as my operating system and I use windows for
playing games.

I had prior experience with browsing with keyboard and having a lot of
buttons and different functions allocated to all of them is great but
remembering all those for some newbie is very difficult.

My experience is good as now I can do all of those different things with
keyboard and pressing the tab button takes you directly to the next option
and in mouse, we have to drag it all the way to the next option.

The only problem I got with the keyboard is the precision and also the
location of the next button where I want to move next. Assume that the next
button is just to the right but pressing the tab button takes you to all
the way to the bottom in the current column and then to next column and
then you can press on it.

The integration of the mouse and keyboard in a single device can be a
gamepad. We can use the analog sticks as a way of moving the pointer and
buttons for accessing different options.

Imagine a scenario where we are playing games and suddenly an E-mail
notification pops up and we want to check it but don't want to go and get
the keyboard. We can do it by the controller and return back to the game
anytime we want. This idea is great but needs someone who understands this
scenario. And I think I fit here the best for this project. I want to
contribute to this project and I want someone to mentor me in the future on
this project.

I am Mohit Kumar Verma, a second-year Computer Science student at NIT
Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh.
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