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Love it! I’m guessing it’ll be for the purpose of making it easy for any project in IDRC to use already progressively enhanced and accessible components?

Cheryl Li (she/her)
Inclusive Designer
Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University<>

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Hello all!

Last year, Cheryl, Dana, Jon and I worked on a design system and component library<> for the Platform Co-op Development Kit. We called it Pinecone, drawing a connection between the principles of atomic design<> and the “twin pines” symbol<> that has long been associated with the cooperative movement. We worked to make each Pinecone component progressively-enhanced (when possible) and to support assistive technology users through accessibility best practices.

We learned a great deal working on Pinecone and while the visual design is distinctively that of the Platform Co-op Development Kit, much of the underlying code has been repurposed in various in-house websites at the IDRC: the IDRC’s website<>, the forthcoming Community-led co-design kit<>, and others.

I’d like to propose that some of the most frequently-used interactive components from Pinecone be extracted into a new, lightweight vanilla JavaScript component library, which won’t include any CSS but will include well-documented guides for integration of one or many components into any web project. I’m thinking we could call it “pekoe”, which fits thematically into the Fluid Project’s naming scheme and is a quasi-acronym for (p)rogressively-(e)nhanced (co)mponents. I’m eager to hear your thoughts!

Ned Zimmerman (he/him)
Senior Inclusive Developer
Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University
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