Proposal to remove IE 11 support from Infusion

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+1 to removing IE11 support. It may also be worth reviewing Microsoft’s own comments about IE11’s support period:

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Hi Justin,

I feel quite strongly that the cost and complexity of maintaining support for IE 11 strongly outweighs the value of it at this point in time. Infusion’s mandate is to explore how programming in the future could be a more inclusive practice if users were able to adapt their software and continue the design process on their own, without being expert programmers. That’s a very ambitious goal, and we have a small community—so anything we can do to simplify the work and focus on this goal seems preferable to me.


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Hi Everyone,

I would like to get community feedback on Infusion no longer supporting IE 11. The discussion kicked up again after work on FLUID-6488<>; see discussion in comments. Initially we planned to move off of supporting IE 11 after the Infusion 3.0 release. We had hoped to have that out in early 2020. However, due to a variety of factors, including the current pandemic, our work on Infusion has slowed and the actual 3.0 release date isn’t clear.

What we’d like to propose now is to immediately stop officially supporting IE 11. That doesn’t mean we’ll be going through and removing IE 11 specific code from Infusion right away; although that may happen over time. It does mean that we’ll no longer test in IE 11 and will no longer guarantee that Infusion works in IE 11.

In the immediate case this will reduce maintenance and development burdens. In the long run, and why we always needed to eventually drop support, is that IE 11 support is preventing us from using more modern JS and CSS techniques, APIs, and etc. Already we don’t support Text-to-Speech in IE 11 and Proxy<> is another features we’d like to use in the framework. (See: FLUID-6372<>).

Depending on the benchmark you look at, IE 11 usage sits around 2-4% (see: As the linked article mentions the accuracy of these metrics are susceptible to over and under estimations from a technical perspective. Additionally we know that there are a variety of other reasons why numbers may not tell the whole story. With that in mind, I want to also check with those in the community that use Infusion and get an understanding of your requirements and thoughts on this in general.


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