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We're running an experiment to see if GitHub Actions [0] is a good replacement for our current Jenkins-based CI system.

I've enabled Actions in the fluid-project/infusion repository today. Every new PR (and updates to old PRs) and commits to the master branch will trigger CI builds in both GitHub Actions and Jenkins. We'll run them in parallel for a while to collect usage data.

The GitHub Actions workflow has a few benefits for us:

  *   GitHub-owned runners so we don't need to worry about maintaining our own servers
  *   Configuration As Code: the CI configuration lives in the repository and can be modified with PRs
  *   Better integration with the GitHub UI

We'll be trying more customizations in the near future but for now the GitHub Actions workflow in the Infusion repository more or less mimics the actions of the Jenkins-based pipeline configuration in the fluid-project/ci-service repository. For example, it doesn't yet publish a new Infusion build when commits are made to the master branch, that's coming next as it requires changes to how we do deployments.

If you notice any issues or have any feedback, please feel free to reach out. If we have a good experience with Actions, we'll add it to more repositories.

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Giovanni Tirloni
DevOps Engineer
Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University<>
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