Community design crits - Sep 17 and 18

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Tue Sep 17 21:34:55 UTC 2019

Hi All,

Looking forward to the IDRC website wireframe crit tomorrow!

Since we have a lot of material to go through, here are some materials in advance:

Google slides:

Figma file:

As you can see, things are still pretty rough and low-fidelity right now, and we don't have all the pages designed yet.

Please feel free to leave comments on both applications, especially if you won't' be able to make it tomorrow but still want to take a peek / provide feedback!

For some context, some of the questions we're trying to answer with the website are:

- What projects does the IDRC work on?

- What is inclusive design, and how to I learn more about it / apply them to my own practice?

- What are the approaches, methods, or processes that the IDRC takes?

- Are there opportunities to get involved with the IDRC? If so, what are they?

- Who is on the team?

- What exactly does the IDRC do?

Looking forward to chatting tomorrow, or through the comments.



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Subject: Community design crits - Sep 17 and 18

Hi everyone,

This week we have two different design crits happening on two different days.

On Tuesday September 17, 2pm to 3pm ET, we will be talking about strategies for accessible web notifications for changes of web content. This discussion will likely be technical and will involve talking about different implementations of code.

On Wednesday September 18, 3pm to 4pm ET, we will be taking a look at some new IDRC website wireframes. We will be looking for feedback into the early designs and functionality of the website.

Both these meetings will be hosted in the Collaboration room at 205 Richmond Street West (IDRC offices) in Toronto, and online in this Vidyo web conference room<> at the respective times mentioned in this email.

For more information on the Community design crits, please visit the Design Crit wiki page<>.


- Jon.

Jonathan Hung, Inclusive Design Collaborator / Researcher
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Inclusive Design Research Centre

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