Which CMS to use for new site?

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Gregor - thanks for the very useful summary. My initial thoughts:

  *   My impression of Netlify CMS from brief exploration is that it's not substantially more friendly to people who don't know Markdown than simply using Markdown. Other who have used it more extensively may be able to comment more.
  *   I will second Jon's point: "There's a good chance the new IDRC site will run on its given platform for much longer than anticipated."
  *   If we feel the features of a CMS are necessary, I would advocate going with Wordpress as a well-known open source project.
  *   I would also suggest we consider whether or not a well-designed Hugo-based site with workflows and documentation for contribution might suffice. We could explore making use of Netlify CMS in this context.
  *   I would also add as a minimum requirement that any CMS we choose must be accessible or have the capability to be made accessible. I feel Wordpress (despite the recent Gutenberg issues) is probably in a much better spot for this than Netlify CMS.
  *   I think it's also important to note for this conversation that Netlify CMS is an open-source project (https://www.netlifycms.org/) based on some of the code used for the commercial Netlify service (https://www.netlify.com/) - the relationship is, roughly speaking, the same as the one between the Wordpress open-source project and https://wordpress.com/

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Hi all,

We're getting started on designs and planning the work for a couple of new sites here at the IDRC (the IDRC site https://idrc.ocadu.ca/ and a redesign of the ILDH https://handbook.floeproject.org/), and we'd love to get some feedback from you on which content management system you think would be best. Content on these sites won't be changing too often, about once every month or two.

Some minimum requirements in no particular order:

  *   Content searching either built in or easily added and maintained
  *   Tagging and/or other metadata capabilities
  *   Ease of contribution for non-developers
  *   Potential for contributions from outside users (much like the Fluid Wiki and Jira)
  *   Free (as in beer), and ideally FOSS
  *   Fully customizable in terms of markup and styling on a page-by-page basis
  *   Minimal intervention from an infrastructure perspective

We've been looking primarily at WordPress (https://wordpress.org/) and Netlify CMS (https://www.netlifycms.org/).

My questions to each of you:

  *   Do you have any arguments for or against either of these two options?
  *   Do you have any other CMS's you would recommend checking out?
  *   Do you have any other advice?

Personally, I'm partial to Netlify CMS due to its seemingly lightweight setup, performance and the potential for integrating Infusion if we would like any features from there. It runs on the JAMstack, which means that server responses will be much quicker (among other benefits). On the other hand, Netlify is pretty fresh and finding support, plugins or articles on SO won't be as easy while WordPress has been around for over 15 years and has a fairly healthy support community.

Cheers and thanks,
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