Community design crit Aug. 6 - IDRC website redesign info architecture

Li, Cheryl at
Tue Aug 6 15:17:22 UTC 2019

Hello everyone!

Looking forward to discussing and critiquing some IDRC website work today 😊

I'm sending out some questions and material in case anyone likes to look at these things ahead of time.

I am hoping to split our hour together with two main chunks:

1. Open discussion around questions such as:

- Who are the people coming to our website?

- What do they come here to do?

- What sorts of problems do they encounter when they try to do these things? (May help to think back to any support requests you’ve received)

- Bonus: Any ideas on how to address these issues?

2. Critiquing a first draft site map

Link here, if you'd like to look in advance:

While this discussion should stay fairly open, if you're someone who likes to have a few questions to guide your feedback, you can consider these:

    - What should stay?

    - What’s missing?

    - What is a potential red flag?

    - What are areas for further exploration?



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Subject: Community design crit Aug. 6 - IDRC website redesign info architecture

Hi everyone,

For the design crit Tuesday Aug 6th, Cheryl will be leading a discussion on the information architecture of the IDRC website redesign.

The meeting will be from 2pm to 3pm ET and will be hosted in the Collaboration room at 205 Richmond Street West (IDRC offices) in Toronto, and online in this Vidyo web conference room<>.

For more information on the Community design crits, please visit the Design Crit wiki page<>.


- Jon.
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