Issues installing Infusion as an dependency through NPM has been addressed.

Obara, Justin jobara at
Thu Sep 13 19:46:47 UTC 2018

Recently a bug with installing Infusion as dependency through NPM was introduced into master (see: ). We were trying to run “grunt buildStylus” as a postinstall script. The generated CSS files are needed for testing and development, so we want them available after running “npm install” when developing Infusion. However, the postinstall script is also run when installed as a dependency of another project. Because “grunt buildStylus” is used for development, its dependencies are listed as dev dependencies in package.json and are not available when Infusion is installed as a dependency. This resulted in “npm install” in the parent project to fail.

The issue has been resolved and merged into master ( ). The solution is to have “grunt buildStylus” run as part of the “prepare” script. (see: ). However, it does require NPM v4 or later. Also note that there are no stable or dev releases built from master that are affected by this bug.


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