Community Meeting ( Mar 14 ): Critical Perspectives on the Blockchain

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Wed Mar 14 16:41:45 UTC 2018

The presenter for today’s community meeting has asked me to forward along a
message to participants.

We're excited to present tomorrow, in preparation for a interactive
workshop tomorrow we'd like to request the group to download the Metamask
Chrome Plugin <>.

The app is:

   1. open-source <>,
   2. private keys are generated in the user's computers so not even the
   Metamask team has access
   3. no data is bieng recorded and sent to the Metamask team

We plan on distributing on test ether to the group as part of the workshop.


On March 12, 2018 at 9:25:04 AM, Justin Obara (obara.justin at

At this week’s Community Meeting
<> ( Mar 14,
2018 ) Edward Buchi, Nelia Teixeira, and Michealagelo Yambao will be
examining critical perspectives on the blockchain.

Meeting Notes


Blockchain Networks have such high potential to change how society works,
10 years of growth has proved this. But where's the revolution? Join us at
the OCADs Inclusive Design Research Centre for a workshop on Blockchain to
discuss the dark side of Blockchain tech, what can hold it back, how it can
be subverted and is there a way out?


2:30 - 4:00pm ET


Locally: IDRC Office <>
Remotely: fluid_standup
video conference

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