Integrating Wheelmaps to BIG IDeA

Hung, Jonathan jhung at
Tue Jan 30 21:44:43 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,

For the BIG IDeA project, we are promoting ways to engage businesses and the public regarding accessibility of physical spaces.

Wheelmaps<>, by Sozialhelden, is a webapp that allows crowdsourcing of accessibility information and I would like to explore how we might integrate that with the BIG IDeA website<> (which runs on Wordpress).

Sozialhelden has a github repository<> which contains code that we might be able to use, however this is beyond my understanding. I am hoping for some assistance from the community in exploring what is possible.

Here are some possible integration ideas (which may or may not be feasible, I am hoping one of you can help determine this):

  *   A business owners and visitors on BIG IDeA can submit accessibility information directly to Wheelmaps from the BIG IDeA website (i.e. using a form, a map or some other submission interaction)
  *   Search and find accessible businesses
  *   Find mapping events happening locally, maybe even create mapping events as well.

To summarize:

Given the code available in github, would it be possible to add Wheelmaps integration to the BIG IDeA website? If yes, what would be possible?

Any help is appreciated!


- Jon.

Jonathan Hung, Inclusive Designer
Email: jhung at
OCAD University
Inclusive Design Research Centre

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