VirtualBox VM Escape vulnerability - Please update ASAP

Joseph Scheuhammer clown at
Mon Jan 29 15:05:12 UTC 2018


Note that you may have to upgrade Vagrant if you install VirtualBox 5.2.6.

I was running Vagrant 1.9.2 but after installing VirtualBox 5.2.6 and
running "vagrant up", I got an error message saying to either go back to
version 5.1, or upgrade Vagrant.  I upgraded to Vagrant 2.0.1, the
latest for macOS.  The next error message said that my vagrant plugins
were out of date, and advised that I run "vagrant plugin repair".  I did
so successfully.  Of note the "vagrant-gpii-ci (0.0.6)" was repaired.

"vagrant up" now brings up the VM.  So far, so good.  If I run into any
other problems or info, I'll let you know.

On 2018-01-27 2:18 AM, Tirloni, Giovanni wrote:
> Hello,
> Several vulnerabilities that allow escaping the VM were discovered.
> Please update to 5.2.6 (or 5.1.32).
> Regards,
> Giovanni
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