Glorious merge of code coverage and testem configuration

Justin Obara obara.justin at
Wed Jan 17 16:31:58 UTC 2018

Thanks so much Tony et al for adding this. It’s really helpful to be able
to view the reports and see what are tests are actually covering.

I’ve started using this for my most recent work and noticed that I was
getting a lower branch coverage than expected. I spoke with Tony about this
in the channel
<> today.
It seems this is because the

var fluid_3_0_0 = fluid_3_0_0 || {};

at the top of most of our files is treated as a branch because of the
conditional for the default value.

I think we should either add a test util for this that we plug into every
test, or just instruct the code coverage to ignore it. If we go the ignore
route, we could follow this method

var fluid_3_0_0 = fluid_3_0_0 || /* istanbul ignore next: the presence of
the fluid object can be inferred by the test running */ {};


On January 16, 2018 at 11:19:48 AM, Antranig Basman (
antranig.basman at wrote:

I'm happy to report the merge of a major and significantly useful pull
request from Tony Atkins which
adds long-awaited and much needed
code coverage and testem drivers to Infusion. As well as providing
amalgamated coverage reports derived from
both our browser and node-based tests, it provides an all-in-one testem
driver that will execute all such
tests in all available browsers and node.js.

This will be invaluable to us in CI, and will shortly be a part of the
automated builds run on each pull
request. It will be important in future reviews to ensure that new work has
good coverage, coverage of
existing work does not degrade, and that we should work steadily to bring
areas of old implementation up to
reasonable standards of coverage (e.g. branch coverage of about 90%
represents a reasonable baseline. For
example we have interestingly poor coverage of jquery.keyboard-a11y.js via
automated tests.

The coverage reports are generated automatically by running "npm test" and
can be accessed in the newly
generated "reports" directory. Machine-readable summaries of the coverage
are produced in "coverage".

Let us all join in congratulating ADTKINS on almost a year of steering this
pull request to a successful
conclusion. Similar work is in progress for GPII projects but looks like it
will be blocked by moving those
projects over to a "monorepo" structure.


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